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Orthopaedics & Orthodontics

Many adults and children are increasingly seeking the perfect smile. Straight teeth not only look great and improve self-confidence, but they are easier to keep clean and healthy.

Orthopaedics and Orthodontics offer a safe and gentle way of correcting problems such as crowded teeth, a bad bite, and also prevent complications for years to come.

What is Orthopaedics?
In simple terms it means modifying the size shape and relationship of the bones of the face and jaws which will also reduce the need for extracting healthy teeth.

In most cases this correction can be accomplished with functional removable orthopaedic appliances as opposed to surgery.

What is Orthodontics?
Simply put it is the movement and correct alignment of the teeth. This change in tooth position is usually best accomplished with fixed braces. These are sometimes referred to as “train tracks”.

Which one do I need?
The exact type of treatment required to correct your problem will depend upon the information gained from our diagnosis. Every one is different and therefore it is essential to set up a treatment plan that fits the individual.

Unfortunately, while removable orthopaedic appliances can achieve remarkable correction of the skeletal problem, they do not align teeth well. Conversely, fixed braces can align teeth quite nicely but they have difficulty correcting problems with the underlying bone structure. It is for these reasons that you may need a combination of both these techniques to solve your problem.

When is the best time to start treatment?
Orthodontic treatment can be started at any age, however some orthodontic problems in children are easier to correct if detected before jaw growth has slowed. Functional removable appliances if fitted at the appropriate age can help correct jaw disharmonies and reduce the need of future complex orthodontic treatment.

An increasing number of adults are now seeking orthodontic treatment to attain the perfect smile. The treatment is provided to straighten crooked teeth, close gaps, correct jaw alignments and can be used to facilitate placement of crowns, bridges or implants. As with any orthodontic or orthopaedic treatment regular adjustment visits are required during treatment.

What do I need to do when it’s all over?
Retention is absolutely essential to allow the teeth to settle into their new positions Failure to wear retainers, which allow the newly established bite to stabilise, will result in the unwanted relapse to an unpredictable extent, and may result in a need for re-treatment at a later age.

It’s our goal to create beautiful smiles, beautiful faces and teeth that will last a lifetime! The time and expense that is required to attain this goal is a nominal investment compared to a lifetime of rewards.

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