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Fissure sealants

The chewing surfaces of our back teeth contain pits and fissures which are so narrow that even a toothbrush filament is too large to reach inside and clean thoroughly.

Particles of food and bacteria become lodged in these and can eventually cause decay, that’s why we strongly encouraged all parents to elect to have their children’s teeth fissure sealed.

What is a fissure sealant?

A fissure sealant is a thin, plastic film that is applied to the chewing surfaces of back teeth creating a protective barrier which prevents food and bacteria getting into these teeth.

We recommend fissure sealant treatment when your child’s first permanent teeth come through, usually at 6-7 years of age and the remainder of teeth be sealed as they appear thereafter usually between 11-14 years of age

The procedure is totally pain free and just takes a couple of minutes for each tooth.

Fissure Sealants are not just for kids, adult sealants called preventative resin restorations serve the same purpose.

Once the sealant has been applied the smooth surface will be much easier to clean with normal tooth brushing.

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